Do not order any storeroom racks (even ours) until you have read this!

What’s that smell a few days after installing my storeroom rack?

Most (if not all) storeroom rack shelving are made of manufactured wood boards. For us, we use high density  fibreboards (HDF)

Unlike solid woods that hold themselves together, manufactured boards are held together by glue, this makes them very prone to mould and insect attacks.

In order to combat mould and insect growth on/in the board, our boards are treated to be anti-mould and insect.

Over time, the treatment together with the wood scent gets trapped in the stale air of the storeroom and is accelerated by the high temperature and humidity of our local weather.

Some people are more sensitive to the smell than others.

How long do the storeroom shelf anti-mould & insect treatments last?

We do not have a definite answer because of many variables in play. One this is for sure, in our high humidity environment, the fibreboards absorbs moisture from the air and makes it a better environment for the mould to attack.  Also the humidity and heat seem to accelerate the smell of wood into the air.

We found that racks installed in air conditioned offices (cool and dry) do not seem to have this smell problem as much.

A good estimate for our local environment is between 3 and 5 years. It doesn’t mean that the boards will break after that, it just means that they are more susceptible to mould and insect attacks.

Storeroom Rack Smell – What can you do about it?

Firstly, you can choose to install metal shelves, this would eliminate all the issues in the first place.

Storeroom Rack Singapore Metal ShelvesIf you choose fibreboard shelves and later find out that you are sensitive to the fibreboard, drop us a line and we’ll be glad to upgrade your shelves to metal shelves!

Just top up the price difference.

What’s more, metal shelves are not susceptible to humidity issues unless you scratch the surface that opens up a gash for rust to set in. This can be easily mended by applying a thin coat of paint over the scratch available easily at DIY shops.

But I like storeroom racks with wood shelves!

If you love the look of fibreboards, there is a 2nd option, we can upgrade your boards to plywood boards. The plywood comes with single side laminated and these plywood storeroom rack shelves slows the absorbing of moisture from the air and therefore release less smell! Let us know if you prefer plywood ahead of time as it requires 4 days to prepare.


Pros and cons of Fibreboard, Plywood and Metal storeroom rack shelves


Material Pros Cons
  • Safe
  • No splinters
  • Does not warp
  • Some people might be sensitive to smell
  • Possibly mould or insect attack after many years
  • Higher resistance to mould and insect but still possible
  • Less smell than HDF
  • Splinters along edges
  • Warpage after many years
  • Safe, Smooth and elegant
  • No insect or mould issues
  • Higher priced
  • When surface is scratched deep enough, rust may set in

No one would bare the truth of these storeroom racks like us and many home owners were suffering from the allergic reaction to the fibreboard smells to the extend that they hated their storerooms.  This shouldn’t be the case!

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