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About Us

About Us – Storeroom Rack Builders

Best Customer Experience

We hate it when companies turn big and service starts to drop. Not here. We believe that you deserve the best customer service experience.

These days it’s not just being the cheapest in the market.

We understand the fact that customers will walk to someone more expensive because they feel better there!

This is why the enquiry lines are always monitored by our bosses to make sure that our customers are treated the right way!

Low Cost Boltless Storeroom Racks

To keep costs low, we adopt a very lean setup starting from operating mainly online to maintaining a very small warehouse. We also work closely with our customers so we can store and install our storeroom racks in bulk giving us the cost advantage over our peers.

We are then able to pass all the costs savings back to our customers.

To save even more from our low prices, ask about our self collection for your storeroom racks!

Low Cost Boltless Storeroom Racks

The storeroom racks we supply were originally intended for use in commercial or industrial warehouses/storerooms, because of this strict safety requirement, you can rest assured that our storeroom racks are the safer at home.

After exploring different types of storeroom racks available in Singapore, we have finally concurred that the boltless storeroom rack is the safest and greenest solution.

Every piece of the rack holds itself on just 1 end with just 1 second of effort. No kidding just 1 second is all it takes to let the beams hold itself in place.Right from our shortest to longest piece, every piece will hold itself up on just 1 end. Both ends supported will ensure that the rack is rock steady.

Drop by our warehouse for a free demo on this today! Also challenge the others with the same test!

Low Cost Boltless Storeroom Racks

By using fibreboards, we are essentially taking the scraps of wood that would otherwise be discarded and turning them into useful shelves in your storeroom rack. Rather than going into landfills, you would appreciate them supporting your stuff in the storeroom right?

Responsible and well trained

Our installers are well trained to work safely and responsibly, this increases our operational costs but we believe that everyone deserves to work safely and our customers would appreciate our safe and responsible culture.

As such we would never install storeroom racks on weekends, in the evening or at night if it would disturb your neighbours.

The last thing you want is an angry neighbour knocking at your door.

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