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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Our Storeroom Racks

Yes we do. Our storeroom racks comes with metal deckings by default.

Our racks are made of steel and powder coated to a lasting finish to protect against the environment.

The deckings are also steel, however you can request them in plywood, however there’s little advantage in choosing plywood deckings.

For the ultimate long term solution, we always recommend the metal shelves, tit’s the standard option for us anyway. Plywood is essentially made of wood and it isn’t like teak that lasts a lifetime. Typical anti-mould and insect treatment on the plywood would last between 3 and 5 years.

After which, there’s a chance for mould or insect attack.

You can opt for our specially treated fibreboards. They are specially treated with additional water resistant coat that extends their life span.

Simple, go for our all-metal racking solution!

In a confined space with high humidity, the wood’s anti-mould and insect treatment is trapped within the storeroom. Some are more sensitive to this than others.

However, in for any reason you must take plywood and is allergic to the smell here is what you can do:

– Upgrade the wood panels to metal shelves
– Upgrade to our specially treated wood that protects the wood against high humidity, this covers the boards in a layer of protective coat and doesn’t allow the treatment to interact with the water moisture in the air.
– Wrap up with boards with cover sheets

Yes we do!

Our usual delivery and installation timing is Mon – Fri, 10am-4pm (except weekends, public holidays and eve of special public holidays)

Special arrangements can be made on case-by-case basis.

Yes you can!

Our DIY racks come with easy to follow instructions.  All you need is a mallet (available for sale as well) and some elbow grease.

In most cases, when you confirm your order for your home storeroom, we are able to install it within the next 4 working days if we have the dimensions in stock. We do not take orders when we do not have stocks in place.

Let us know your idea we can think of something for you. The width and depth of our racks are manufactured in a factory so the widths are fixed. Height and distance between shelves can be customised.

We have done custom-made racks for triangle and non-square storerooms.

Custom made storeroom ra

boltless rack dimensions

Length (cm) Depth (cm)
90 30
90 45
90 60
120 30
120 45
120 60
150 30
150 45
150 60
180 45
180 60

Heights available from 184cm (standard) and 216cm.  Any higher heights are available for commercial warehouses only, please check with us available heights.

Special note for 216cm heights, we do not recommend to use this height with a stand-alone rack with 30cm depth.  For safety, please secure it to a fixed, strong point.

All shelves rated at to hold 300KG per level except the following:

  • 150 x 45 – 2500KG
  • 150 x 60 – 250KG
  • 180 x 45 – 200KG
  • 180 x 60 – 200KG

Got more questions about our storeroom racks not answered above?

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