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L Shape Racks

L shape racks are gaining popularity in Singapore because of limited size of the bomb shelter that doubles as a storeroom in HDB and landed properties. In order to maximise the space in the storeroom room, racks are usually placed in a corner that forms an L shape therefore the name “L shape racks”

Traditionally these L racks are formed by simply placing 2 racks in the corner. As seen on the right. This creates a little issue now as the corner angle post of the rack in front obstructs the access to the corner of ther rack.

While it is a small issue, the useful space of the L shape racks is now not fully utilised.

To overcome this issue, we have invested in engineers to come out with a solution that is now rapidly being replicated by many in the industry. After months of research and testing, we have removed the corner angle post of the front rack while retaining much of the rack’s strength.

L Shape Racks aplenty. So what’s the secret?

While there are many knock-offs in the market, there is only ONE L-shape storeroom rack in the market that boasts strength of their racks without the obstructing angle post. That’s OURS!

Our L shape racks without centre post is able to hold up to 400kg per level. No other seller in the market will be able to put this claim to the test.

Our installer stands at 178cm and weighs over 80kg. Together with 3 bottles of 12.5L water, weighs over 120kg. The shelf has no intention of smiling  flexing.

Why do we need such strong L shape racks?

A typical rack in homes holds between 60 to 150kg worth of items on each level. If you have mainly loose items or crockery, it will be around 60-80kgs. If you love to keep magazines, a shelf full of them it will be between 80 and 150kg depending on the length of the rack.

I’m sure you have bought one of those racks from our favourite international DIY furniture shop. If it says max 100kg per level and you load it to 80kg, you are almost reaching the limit of the shelf. We bet that you’ll definitely see the shelf  smiling  curved at you.

Depending on the size of the rack, our capacity range from 200 to 400KG per level. The most common configuration for HDB storerooms has 350kg per level capacity.

Loading each level full of books and magazine to 150kg you’re only using about 40% of our shelf capacity!

If you have the excess strength capacity, you have safety guarantee. The last thing you want to see is a smiling rack spilling all your stuff on the floor after that.

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