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Strength in numbers

Each shelf can hold an amazing amount of stuff starting from 100 up to 450kg depending on models. This is the strength storeroom racks should have.

Beautifully finished

Each steel piece is epoxy powder coated to give it a smooth finishing and protects the storeroom rack from rusting. Shelves available in HDF, Plywood and Steel

Safe for everyone

Fibreboards do not have splinters or thorns that can be dangerous and painful. This makes our storeroom racks a pleasure to use.

Self stabilising

Boltless racks use 2 post holes on each shelf for stability and to distribute the load evenly for additional safety. Never will our storeroom rack collapse.

Environmentally friendly

Each shelf is made of fibreboard that are essentially recycled from wood pieces and do not require full pieces of wood like plywood making our storeroom rack eco and green.

Maintenance free

Boltless storeroom racks do not have bolts to loosen over time and don’t depend on how tight they are installed. Peace of mind guaranteed!

How are we different

We are the leading storeroom rack provider in Singapore that led the market with our professionalism.

We have set a high benchmark in the storeroom rack industry by providing professional service not seen in this market, so much so that our competitors are copying our marketing efforts wholesale!

You will experience a whole new level of ease and smoothness when you submit your room dimensions to us. We will install according to the plan.

We don’t leave things to chance, using professional planning software, we will draw the racking plan for your approval before installation. This eliminates any chance for errors and miscommunication.

Yes, you’ve heard of horror stories of how things don’t match up because there’s no documentation; Not us, we don’t offer drama unfortunately.

3D Render

If you like to, you can opt for a 3D render of how the storeroom racks look like!
Our storeroom racks are completely boltless which means that they are more stable and faster to install than traditional storeroom racks. In the event of customised jobs that requires nuts and bolts you can be assured that they are of high industrial quality and strength and they will be limited to just a handful to secure your racks without compromising on quality.

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Quick Look

Our Storeroom Racking Team

We are fast growing because of our fantastic service and honest pricing.

Owning a new home in Singapore isn’t cheap, we know how it feels because we are Singaporeans too. Therefore our storeroom racks are meant to help new home owners to maximise their storeroom space at a very affordable price.

Get more discount if you choose to DIY and pick up from our warehouse!

Honest Storeroom Racks

We sell what we show. No gimmicks, no misleading ads, no hard sell, no fine prints. We know how it feels to be shown a picture of a premium product at the front but sold an inferior one. Citing fine prints which we don’t have time to go through.

Best Storeroom Rack Service

We’re young, dynamic and flexible. If you are looking for good friendly service, no hard selling and down to earth competitive prices, we are your solution. Get your storeroom racks from us today.

We promise to reply within 24hours or we’ll buy you coffee! (but give us some chance over the weekends or public holidays ok? We’ll still be glad to buy you a drink even if you don’t get your storeroom racks from us.)

Even if we do reply you in 24 hours we’ll still be glad to meet you for kopi coffee anyway.

Client Reviews

 by Tee on Lifty Tech Pte Ltd
Good service

Purchased the racking with some special requirement and Storeroom rack is able to assist and advise accordingly. Good experience purchasing from Storeroom Rack. Will definitely approach them again if I have any need for racking and TV mount. ?.

 by Lyz on Lifty Tech Pte Ltd

Excellent Customer Service. Sandy is very helpful and give prompt feedback on the changes make. The installation is fast. Very happy with the overall service and highly recommended.

 by Desmond on Lifty Tech Pte Ltd

Highly recommended, as for Sandy is very friendly and nice, as for the staff for doing installation like Mr Shah is very kind and friendly,even after the installation have advice my wife regarding the fact that how to store your staffs nicely thanks

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