There are many types of storeroom racks, let’s broadly classify them into 2 types.

With bolts and without bolts, also commonly called boltless storeroom racks or boltless racks.

Storeroom racks – Then and Now

Traditionally storeroom racks were made simply using L brackets. They come ready with slots for fastening bolts onto them and putting them in vertical and horizontal pieces. Viola! You get a storeroom rack. They come with the signature bolts at each intersections as seen below.

Storeroom Rack with Bolt

The down side of these traditional storeroom racks is that they are not very strong. They can hold at most a 100kg on each shelf depending on numerous factors such as skill of installer, material quality and length rack.

They also have the tendency to not be exactly level or “flat” because it depends largely on the installer’s skill to level each shelf and might slip over time depending on the tightness of the bolts.

Each level is also only held in place at 1 point, increasing the stress on a single point, not to mention that it is easier to pivot on a single point making these storeroom racks less stable.

Storeroom rack – new age style

Over the years, improvement in technology and lessons learnt from industrial warehousing, led to the development of the latest boltless storeroom racks.  These racks were designed to overcome weaknesses of the traditional L bracket-nut and bolt storeroom racks.

Firstly, it was designed to be installed by anyone.  Anyone who can install an Ikea DIY furniture will be able to install a boltless storeroom  rack.  From experience, the simpler the task, the less likelihood of errors.

Next the load on each shelf of the storeroom rack is now distributed across 2 points.

Storeroom Rack Boltless

Having 2 points on each shelf also prevents it from turning. This serves as a protection against an unstable shelf.

Newer and safer storeroom racks

The newer boltless storeroom racks uses horizontal C channel beams for added strength as compared to L brackets in the past. Our weakest storeroom racks capacity starts from 200kg up to our strongest at 450kg, easily beating any of the traditional ones which can only take up to 100kg because of their design and material limitations.

L Shaped Storeroom Racks

Storeroom Rack L ShapedWe form our L shaped storeroom racks by putting 2 single racks together. Our strength lies in the capacity each shelf can carry.

The gap between the racks is less than 1cm. this means that you can easily slide boxes around with worrying about them getting caught or falling through the gaps.

Further more, if you need access to that hard to reach corner, you can just pull the storeroom racks apart! As simple as that!